Officine CO.ME.T. born in 1960 and, for first in Europe, builds aerial work platforms. Belongs to a group of 5 Companies that share the tasks of: study and design of hydraulic components, construction and carpentry, mounting, administration and marketing of the finished product.
The great experience in the field of hydraulics, allowed the Officine CO.ME.T. to provide all equipment of an advanced system of work, which uses high-performance hydraulic tools, to meet the needs of the operators of public and private companies in landscaping, construction, electricity, roadworks, etc.
Officine CO.ME.T. has developed two combo models, multipurpose equipment that allows the user to quickly recoup the investment base of a 4-wheel drive tractor. With a single vehicle can indeed have:aerial platform, loader, backhoe, bulldozers, multi-purpose fork lifter, snow plow blade, street brushing machine brush cutter, all detachable and interchangeable, they can be purchased and installed on the need. Newborn addition, CINGOL, the self-propelled aerial work platforms from 14, 16 and 18 meters mounted on crawler, unique in its category that can be loaded and unloaded from flatbed truck, without need for ramps.
The flagship of our technical production are electrically insulated aerial platforms, including ground fault, and against accidental contacts with live lines.

The most complete range of platforms on trucks::
Telescopic Jib
Articulated telescopic
Combine multipurpose wheeled
Self-propelled crawler cranes